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Our Fees

"Our standard charge is £25 per week, or £100 per month worked. If you do not work then there is no fee to be paid. Please note this also includes cover under our Liability Insurance Policy (and not charged in addition to our fee).

Nopalaver Umbrella understand that the nature of agency work can be such that in some circumstances a full week may not be worked – whether due to the contract ending abruptly, or that it may fall through after only one day.

We have a structure in place whereby you will only pay our fee based on the work you have done. Therefore if your income is less the £300 per week, we will reduce our fee accordingly. In this instance we will not charge less than £5 or more than £25 in any given week. To work out exactly what our fee may be please use the calculator below.

Discounted Fee Amount for Weekly Income under £300

Weekly income (£)

Fee Payable (£)

NB. Bank charges for international payments may be charged for international contracts – however full disclosure will be given to each contractor during the registration process.

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