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Self-employment is a legitimate way that individuals can offer their services but as UK-based recruitment companies are not permitted to make gross payments to individuals candidates who approach recruitment agencies and wish to maintain their self-employment status are either forced to set up and run their own Limited Company, join an Umbrella Company or to the agencies detriment join their PAYE payroll.

All three options require the candidate to considerably alter the way they work. NoPalaver Contractors offer a solution to this.

NoPalaver Contractors engage temporary candidates as self-employed consultants and provide their services through a contract for services to you. Our self-employed consultants are registered as self-employed with HMRC and receive the necessary support to operate their business both compliantly and professionally.

As there are no on-costs involved with self-employment, recruitment agencies are not obliged to offer a rate uplift and thus can benefit by protecting it’s own margins.

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