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Whether you’re new to contracting or an experienced and established freelancer, The NoPalaver Group has the answers. 

The NoPalaver Groups services are designed to minimise the administrative burden caused by working as a contractor. We provide a hassle free service for all of your employment and financial needs, making sure your personal and business affairs are in perfect working order at all times.

The NoPalaver Group is a well established, professional business services group of companies. Over the years we have worked hard at developing a portfolio of contractor payment solutions specifically designed to maximise your income. Our heritage means that we understand how to create the most tax efficient payment solutions available and deliver them direct to our clients.


Umbrella Self Employed CIS Limited Company
Receive professional support running your own company.

The most tax efficient and flexible way to operate as a contractor.

We offer a complete setup and ongoing administration service with qualified and professional advice always on hand.
Enjoy the freedom of contracting without having to run a Limited Company

If you don't want to run your own company but still want flexibility and benefits to be gained from contracting.

We offer a full PAYE employment solution offering tax relief on your business expenses.
Simple, straightfoward payment solution for construction industry workers.

If you're a construction industry worker and you want a hassle free payment solution with additional benefits then find out more here.

Invoicing, payments and administration service freeing up more time for you.
Independence without compromise.

For those who wish to retain their sole-trader status but need a limited company to process invoices and payments on their behalf.

Our administration service enables you to operate as a sole trader by acting as your "limited company".