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Hundreds of agencies and recruitment businesses have already discovered The NoPalaver Group and are now benefitting from a relationship which provides significant benefits, opportunities and comfort.

To facilitate this, we at NoPalaver Accountants make it absolutely clear what we do and what we don't do.

NoPalaver Accountants Client Relationship

  • We provide a range of accountancy services from which our clients' can select a solution which delivers what they need and works for them.
  • Clients can change their service if their business requirements change.
  • We charge a flat rate fee, agreed in advance that is not dependent on our client's income or rate.
  • We do not participate in the negotiation of clients' contracts nor does it influence or control the provision of services between client and end users
  • We cannot influence or control the way clients receive payments or benefit financially from the provision of the client's services to the end users
  • We have no influence or control on the way clients distribute their income and have no control or access to any client bank accounts
  • We do not insist on the use of a specified provider for any ancillary services
  • We do not offer or promote tax loss insurance to clients

Value Added Services for Agencies

There are a number of ways The NoPalaver Group can provide "Value Add" services to recruitment companies and agencies.

Save time and money on advertising and sifting through an inbox of CV's received in response to an advert placed by you.

The NoPalaver Group is a source of skilled contracting professionals and therefore has available qualified and experienced contractors.

Some of the benefits of utilising our contractors:-

  • All contractors pre-vetted and checked.
  • We are highly experienced in the Contracting Market.
  • Our contractors are highly qualified and commercially aware
  • Our contractors are already working through an established and compliant operating structure
  • We have at our fingertips a range of skills and disciplines across a number of sectors (aerospace, aviation, rail, automotive engineering, driving, building trades, IT&T)
  • We can offer a single project based resource
  • One of our companies may already be set up on your systems as a previous supplier which will make things even easier.

Please contact us to speak to us straight away or request a callback.