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Corporate Clients

Times are changing.....many businesses are looking at the way they staff their operations. With the growth of the global skills market and continual development of technology this enables qualified temporary workers to be engaged on a project by project basis wherever they are. This in turn means directly employed workforces could shrink significantly over the next few years. This will bring substantial savings in the cost of employing and training staff for employers, whilst benefitting from being able to access the best qualified and skilled worker.

However, this will also mean an increase in temporary workers, freelancers, contractors being placed on project based assignments either directly or via agencies. This workforce will need to be “managed”. This is where The NoPalaver Group comes in and are experts in this complex field.

The NoPalaver Group provide contract management, employment and payment services to temporary workers who, in turn, want to provide their expertise via assignments to businesses such as yours.

By working with The NoPalaver Group you can reduce both your employment risks and your costs enabling you to source quality temporary staff of whom you can be safe in the knowledge are operating in an efficient and compliant way. This allows you to concentrate on running your core business activities.  

Instead of your business maintaining an expensive temporary workforce, The NoPalaver Group can remove this burden, providing compliant and flexible working solutions designed around your temporary workers.

Because you are not the direct employer you make savings on employment costs, including;

We utilise our bespoke systems based upon industry best practice to process large volumes of invoices and payments automatically. Our systems can cope with the raising of a single invoice from a timesheet provided by a worker through to invoicing schedules covering many workers within a single invoice and payment.

This flexibility and processing power enables our clients to save time and reduce costs.

Our automated systems ensure that we are able to comply with all the requirements of HMRC and other government agencies in relation to all required returns and payments on account of the worker payments that we process.

In short we look after your workers so you can look after your business.