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Payroll Outsourcing solutions

How does it work.....?

NoPalaver Umbrella Limited will employ you as a contractor and will sign the contract with your agency/client to supply your services to them. Typically, NoPalaver will receive payment from your agency/client every Friday, which relates to the hours you have worked during the previous week.

Out of the money received we deduct our fee, which is only payable on the weeks you work. The next stage is to offset your expenses against the remaining amount of funds. (Your expenses may need to be restricted so that there are sufficient funds to pay you the National Minimum Wage for the hours worked any expenses not utilised will be carried forward to be used in the next week). Legitimate expenses are paid free of income tax and NI.

It is very important that you submit expenses incurred every week as without them you will pay income tax and national insurance on all of your money! Expenses and supporting receipts must reach our office by 12pm every Wednesday. Any expenses received after this deadline will not be calculated and will roll over to the following week.

The remaining funds are then used to pay your wages and the Employer's National Insurance on those wages. (The employer's NI is a legal liability which has to be paid out of the money we have received however, the rate paid by your agency/client will include an amount to cover at least this amount, as they will pay a higher rate per hour if you use our services than if you were employed by them because of the Employers National Insurance that they save).

From your wages, we will deduct employee's national insurance and income tax under the PAYE scheme, to give your net pay. The total paid to your bank account is your net pay plus the expenses. This will be paid on Friday via a BACS payment and the funds will be in your account as cleared funds by the very latest on the following Tuesday.

We will also send you documentation detailing all calculations on your wage, accompanied by an expense form for the following week.

If you would like to use our Umbrella service, please complete and return the starter form, the required personal identification documents and the P46, ticking the appropriate statement in section A or send a P45 if you have one. This will ensure that you are allocated the correct Tax code.

Please contact us to speak to us straight away or request a callback.