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As your accountants, we will:-

  • Take details from you each week of your hours, rate and any expenses you have incurred. From this, we will calculate the maximum amount of available dividend.
  • Raise invoices to your agency on a weekly basis if this is required, to ensure that you are paid on time.
  • Review your expenses and advise you if we consider that you are claiming any expenses that are not tax deductible.
  • Assuming you have indicated that you will generally wish to take the maximum dividend from the company, we will prepare documentation for the dividend and for your wages and send these to you for your approval.
  • We will also send you paperwork each week (and a text message if desired), showing how much should be paid from the company to you and how much you should transfer from the company's current account to its deposit account to cover VAT and tax. When this tax is payable we will let you know so that you can arrange the necessary payment.
  • Maintain the company's accounting records based on the information provided.
  • Prepare and submit online the company's quarterly VAT returns.

Please see our Guidelines for Expenses Claims and Expenses and Mileage Claims Form for calculations and completion.

At the end of the year we will:

  • Prepare accounts of the company in statutory format for your approval.
  • Prepare the company's Corporation Tax Return.
  • Prepare and file online the company's end of year PAYE return.
  • Prepare and file online on your behalf your personal tax return.

Receive professional support running your own company

The most tax efficient and flexible way to operate as a contractor in the majority of cases is to work through your own Limited Company.

Receive a complete professional service setting up and administering your company. NoPalaver Accountants removes all the hassle whilst fully qualified staff provides help and advice every step of the way.

Service benefits you'll receive from The NoPalaver Group

  • Setting up your company at Companies House.
  • Filing your annual returns (form 363) at Companies House.
  • Setting up the PAYE scheme.
  • Running your PAYE scheme, including tax and NI computations and submitting end of year returns P35, P14's, P60's and P11d's.
  • Raising invoices for your hours worked to your agency/client.
  • Advising on the most efficient salary/dividend packaging for your personal circumstances.
  • Weekly text service.
  • Preparing all documentation for payroll and dividends.
  • Maintaining the company's accounting records.
  • Applying for VAT registration.
  • Preparing quarterly VAT computations and returns.
  • Preparing annual corporation tax computations and returns.
  • Completing and submitting year end accounts.

Please contact us to speak to us straight away or request a callback.