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About NoPalaver Contractors

NoPalaver Contractors (previously known as YorKontracting) forms part of the NoPalaver Group of companies and fully supported by our in-house Chartered Accountancy Practice.

The NoPalaver Group specialise in the contracting supply chain marketplace. Over recent years there has been significant focus on the way contractors operate, agencies engage with both client and contractor and the financial implications of non-compliance.

The NoPalaver Group meets all the employment, payroll, payment, administration and tax needs of today's professional contractors.

The NoPalaver Group provides employment, payment, accounting and administration services for contractors, agencies and corporate clients.

We have the ability to advise across all aspects of operating as a contractor thus ensuring each individual is working through the most appropriate and efficient solution at all times of their freelancing career.

There are a number of ways of operating as a contractor; however.........."One size DOES NOT fit all"

The NoPalaver Group is a "family" of companies who provide effective, efficient and compliant services to the individual contractor whilst removing the time consuming hassle of running their own company or scheme. This in turn maximises earnings and frees up time to enjoy life.

The NoPalaver Group recognises that personal circumstances and requirements differ from individual to individual and shapes the way they work. Unlike many solution providers,

The NoPalaver Group works closely with clients, agencies and contractors alike to ensure the best possible advice is available and on-hand at all times.

The NoPalaverGroup is building an enviable reputation as an all-encompassing operation which not only provides advice and standard solutions for the contracting marketplace but develops bespoke solutions for clients to meet very specific requirements.

If you are new to contracting, established freelancer, agency or a user of contract staff, have a look at what we can do for you...........ComplianceSimplicityFlexibility!!!

Please contact us to speak to us straight away or request a callback.