Umbrella Service Sheet


Umbrella companies for agencies


Working Together

At NoPalaver Umbrella Limited, we believe that Umbrella Companies should work alongside contractor recruitment agencies to ensure that the transition into contracting is as simple and easy as possible for their candidates. Whereas, contractors and temporary workers are our key clients, the majority of our business is sourced via agencies. We want to ensure we are providing the best possible service to both agencies and contractors.

NoPalaver Umbrella forms part of the NoPalaver Group which has the unique ability to provide advice across all of the compliant contractor operating solutions available so you should have no concerns about “recommending” a certain route or company that your contractor should be using. We can talk to them personally, make sure they understand ALL the options and in full receipt of the facts. The decision is then theirs and theirs alone to make.

Our team of tax experts have advised and presented to numerous agencies and end clients regarding the Managed Service Company (MSC) legislation, Transfer of Debt liability and IR35. We pride ourselves on being able to explain the ever changing complex tax legislation in a non technical manner.

There are a number of ways The NoPalaver Group can provide “Value Add” services to recruitment companies and agencies.

Our friendly, dedicated and highly trained teams are here to assist agencies, contractors and temporary workers. They will have access to a comprehensive tailored service to meet their ever changing circumstances.

Our Client Care Team will contact your candidates to explain the different recognized and compliant options and solutions available. How the structures operate and how they benefit each candidate personally……but it doesn’t stop there. As contractors proceed through their careers, their personal circumstances can change. At NoPalaver, we recognize this and have the ability to ensure that each and every contractor is working through the most appropriate and effective structure to meet their needs….every step of the way.

Immigration & Visas

NoPalaver Umbrella is fully versed in all aspects of immigration and the options available to overseas workers looking to live and work in the UK.

If you have potential placement opportunity but immigration questions are making life difficult, please contact us for advice. We are always available and willing to help.

A Significant Source of Skills

At NoPalaver we have at our fingertips a vast resource of experienced and professional contractors spanning a number of industry sectors and skilled in hundreds of disciplines.

If you are looking for an individual or a team to fulfil an assignment then contact us and we can put you in direct contact.

Remember, this is free, we don’t charge for sourcing skills for you because we earn our fee from the contractor.

Key Benefits for Agencies

Your agency will benefit significantly by working with NoPalaver Umbrella Limited.

  • You will enjoy considerable cost savings as you are no longer deemed the employer; you are no longer responsible for Employer’s National Insurance Contributions which is currently set at 12.8%.
  • Some agencies choose to pass on some of this cost saving in the form of increased hourly rates.
  • Fully HMRC Compliant – no hidden tax liabilities for agencies or end clients
  • You will save the administrative cost of running your own payroll and dealing with pay queries.
  • NoPalaver Umbrella will assume the responsibilities of holiday pay, Statutory Sick Pay and Maternity/Paternity Pay.
  • All employees will be covered by both Employer’s and Public liability insurance.
  • Peace of mind that all contractors are operating through the most appropriate structure to suit their specific needs……for the WHOLE of their contracting career.
  • NoPalaver are fully versed in all immigration options open to contractors and temporary workers.
  • FREE Access to a large network of skilled and professional contractors .

Please contact us to speak to us straight away or request a callback.