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There are a number of ways The NoPalaver Group can provide “Value Add” services to recruitment companies and agencies.

Save time and money on advertising and sifting through an inbox of CV's received in response to an advert placed by you.

The NoPalaver Group is a source of skilled contracting professionals and therefore has available qualified and experienced contractors.

All contractors who currently use of The NoPalaver Groups solutions are:-

  • Pre-vetted
  • Experienced in the Contracting Market
  • Highly qualified and commercially aware
  • Already have a compliant operating structure
  • Range of skills and disciplines across a number of sectors (aerospace, aviation, rail, automotive engineering, driving, building trades, IT&T)
  • A single project based resource

One of our companies may already be set up on your systems as a previous supplier which will make things even easier.

Give us a call with your requirements or drop us a line via our Contact Page with a description of the role you are trying to fill.