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NoPalaver Contractor Services

NoPalaver Contractors provides a personalised weekly payment administration service for professional Self-Employed contractors (Sole Traders).

Many contractors are self employed and wish to retain that status for the flexibility and freedom it affords.

In some cases, recruitment and placement agencies force you to use a Limited Company but you don't want the hassle and stress of being a director and starting your own company.

You want to be paid gross and be responsible for paying your own tax and National Insurance.

The NoPalaver Group has the answer. If you use our specialist company, we will act as your Limited Company. We will do your invoicing for you and will liaise with your agency regarding hours and payments.

Your agency will pay us, then all we do is will deduct our processing fee and pay the rest of the money to you. It really couldn't be simpler.

If you qualify as being self-employed but work through an agency, they have to deduct tax & National Insurance through the PAYE scheme so, working through us is simpler, hassle free and you will end up with more money in your pocket.

Please contact us to speak to us straight away or request a callback.