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Growing 'app economy' creates 7,000 new web developer jobs in a year up 11%

Date: 12th November 2014


Record high of 847,000 IT professionals

Recovery unlocks budgets for IT investment and expansion

The number of web design and programming jobs in the IT sector has risen by 11%, from 63,000 in 2013 to 70,000 this year*, as businesses invest increased amounts of resource and capital into the 'app economy', says NoPalaver Group, a leading provider of accounting services to contractors.

NoPalaver shows that the number of programmers and software development professionals has increased by 8% in a year, up from 253,000 to 274,000.

NoPalaver notes that businesses of all sizes are adapting to developments in technology, with even bricks and mortar businesses, such as small retailers, shifting an increasing amount of activity online and becoming more sophisticated in their use of social media platforms.

NoPalaver explains that the UK app industry, centred around Silicon Roundabout in London, has expanded rapidly in the last three years with many of these start-ups graduating to become global players, including King Digital, creators of Candy Crush, who have recently announced quarterly revenues of $496 million, and Mind Candy, makers of Moshi Monsters.

The total number of UK IT workers is at record high of 847,000, up from 839,000 in the same period last year.

NoPalaver explains that during the credit crunch many businesses froze their budgets and investment in IT infrastructure was often viewed as a low priority. However, businesses are now more confident about investing in this area as the economy improves.

Graham Jenner, Director at NoPalaver, comments: "The importance of the 'app economy' is being fully realised by increasing numbers of businesses eager to recruit the very best IT professionals to ensure they benefit from the app revolution."

"In many cases, businesses will be using a specialist IT agency or provider to meet this need rather than employing an IT professional directly it is no longer necessary to have a full IT department to enable businesses to interact digitally with customers."

"As the recovery gathers pace, many businesses have unlocked their budgets and are making those IT improvements that were put on hold during the credit crunch."

NoPalaver explains that the IT sector has traditionally attracted a high number of contractors as a business may only require the expertise of an IT professional for a limited amount of time. The flexible approach self-employment offers can be beneficial to both the contractor and the business.

Graham Jenner continues: "Contractors offer businesses a significant amount of flexibility to adapt to the changing levels of demand that they may face. The specialised skills that IT contractors supply can be used to get projects up and running, and once completed, the contractor can move on to their next project, maximising their income.",

There are a record 70,000 web designers in the UK - an 11% increase in the last year

Web Designers in the UK

The number of programmers and software developers in the UK has grown by 8% in a year to 274,000

Programme & Software Developers

* Q2 2014 compared to Q2 2013, Office of National Statistics


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